Hi, I'm Candy Emberley

I write music for video games, and I play viola

Candy Emberley

I grew up in Minnesota and went to college in Washington, DC, where I majored in music composition and continued rigorous studies in viola performance. After college I went back to Minnesota and fell in with the theater crowd. I was a member of Savage Umbrella for a while. They were an amazing group, and I was sad to see them close.

I moved to Los Angeles to write for film. While at the UCLA Film Scoring program, I realized I really belonged in games, and well, here I am. I like it here! Thanks for having me.

Along the way I also worked at a major copyhouse making sheet music for film and tv sessions, broadway shows, and orchestral works. It's satisfying work to do and I still hire out those skills. I also started a company to print sheet music for recording sessions and performances called Composer Press.

I play viola for local college orchestras, quartets at private events, and - my favorite - recording solos and sweetening for other composers (and my own works).

For some reason I like bright colors and dark music. If I'm not working, I'm probably either playing games, baking something, or lindy hopping.

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